Jacob Strandell

Ph.D. Cognitive Sociology

I constantly think about two things: Human behavior and Efficiency. In everything - from exercise to investments and research. This makes me a pragmatic generalist in the social and behavioral sciences and a bit of a 'scientific problem-solver,' who asks big questions and seeks to improve science.

Most of my research involves coming up with creative solutions, where science has been 'stuck,' for a broad range of topics. For example:

  • why marriage once again attracts young Swedes

  • how self-esteem influences behavior

  • the importance of emoji use for chemistry in online dating

  • how cognitive science can be used to understand the influence of culture

All research has three things in common: it is all about impactful ideas, always interdisciplinary and always big-picture. Look under the research section for details!

Currently I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Division for Environmental Communication (SLU) on the Formas-funded project “Governance, Justice and Resistance.” In this project, we contribute to developing socially sustainable forms of environmental governance.

Before this, I was an assistant professor at Uppsala University for 2,5 years following PhD-research at the University of Copenhagen with a dissertation titled “Culture-Cognition Interaction: Bridging Cultural Sociology and Cognitive Science.”