Jacob Strandell

Ph.D. Cognitive Sociology 

I specialize in the intersection of sociology and psychology, a combination that's necessary to understand real-life human behavior. Specifically, I am focused on understanding how individuals acquire, evaluate, and apply information in their day-to-day lives. This highly interdisciplinary approach has allowed me to explore a wide range of fields, including online-dating, live-streaming, marriage attitudes, self-esteem, motivation, environmental governance, and youth trend research.

My research has produced numerous publications, reports, and book chapters, in both academic and corporate consulting roles. In the past, I have held lectureships and research positions at institutions such as the University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University. In 2021, I decided to pivot my career towards behavioral research in a business context, which has enabled me to work with greater efficiency, solve tangible problems for stakeholders, and bring more creativity to developing new methods. 

Currently, I work as a consultant at Ungdomsbarometern, a leading analysis firm specialized in youth research. In this role I use my experience to help our clients to understand young people’s attitudes and behavior. My interdisciplinary approach continues to be at the forefront of my work, and I am committed to providing actionable insights that drive real-world impact.

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